Calling all musicians!

Calling all musicians – bands, solo artists or aspiring composers!

We are looking for original music submissions for the soundtrack of the movie.

Now at this point, there is no immediate compensation for any submission, whether selected or not.  However, each submission will be reviewed individually and once we’ve decided one way or another, we will inform those selected.  If we wish to short list your submission, we will discuss compensation on a deferred basis and if we come to an agreement, your submission is short listed.

Short listed submissions may or may not be used in the film.  If selected for use in the film, it may be used in its entirety, but will more likely be edited to better suit the timing of the film or have a portion of the track used (e.g. music playing on a car stereo).  All selected submissions will be fully credited in the film, official soundtrack and via several other cross-promotional avenues (e.g. Facebook, website, mentions in interviews, etc).

Only selected submissions, those that are actually used in the film, will be compensated but all reasonable** submissions will be mentioned* on the Facebook page and listed on the website.

Essentially, you get some free mention simply by sending us original tracks.  If we short list one or more of them, you get further mention, and full mention again if it gets selected for the film.  At that point, when we get dollars, you get some of that up to the agreed upon amount.

Couldn’t be easier!  Get a feel for what the film is about via Facebook and here our website:

Then, send submissions either in MP3 format as attachments (typical file-size restrictions apply) or by sending a link specifying the downloadable tracks that you are submitting to:

Paul Gingerich
Sound Director

Be sure your submission is:

  • Well recorded and mixed
  • In MP3 format if you’re emailing it to us, or in WAV format otherwise (minimum of 44.1k, 16-bit)
  • Available in WAV format upon request (minimum of 44.1k, 16-bit)
  • Appropriately named (e.g. “Track 01” is not helpful while “John Doe – SongName” is very helpful)

Be sure to include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Info and details that you’d like us to have (e.g. is is better if we text you?)
  • The Song(s) you’re submitting (in MP3 format) AND/OR Link to the Song(s) (e.g. Soundcloud)
  • Link to Video (if there is one)
  • Promotional Link (when we post about a submission, what web link would you like us to promote?)


* Within reason.**  For example, if we are unable to keep pace with the submissions, we may be forced to do something else.
** Our call as to what is reasonable.

We reserve the right to refuse any submission without question and without any further obligation.